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Easter storm hit central Alabama on Sunday, April, 2020

Heavy rainfall accompanied by suspected tornadoes and floods has flushed the US state, Alabama on Easter Sunday. The weather forecasting has already alerted the Alabamians to get their backup ready for this storm.

Serious damage has been reported, also many places have reported the power outage problem. Despite the fact, that loads of warnings and forecasting of the storm were aired, Alabamians might be facing serious problems.

Following is the picture from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center, showing the high alert areas for the storm by red coloration.


National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center report highlighting the hot zones receptive to more storms and tornadoes​.

Those counties of Alabama that got tornado damage include Blount, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, and Etowah.


Jefferson County highway

Severe damage to buildings has been seen in Walker county too. The storm has also injured many people.


Walker Count

Power outages reported in many areas across  the Alabama

Storm has rendered nearly 2500 in Montgomery County without power The power outages were announced at 10 p.m in Wilcox County. Central Alabama power outages exist in the following Counties :

  • Montgomery County
  • Wilcox County
  • Dallas County
  • Lowndes County
  • Perry County
  • Autauga County

Storm in Alabama has hit many churches. Following is the image of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Priceville.


Deadly weather has made huge impacts around the state. Although the state is not under complete lockdown like many other US states. The Alabamian state administration has issued the "stay at home order", and also closed schools, beaches and asked the people to avoid "​non-essential business ".The storm has added to the already catastrophic circumstances of the USA.

USA with 560,433 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 22,115 deaths are already facing the deadliest drop to economy and citizens. And the Sunday Easter Storm has just added the catalyst to the already ignited fire.