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How people are spending  Easter during quarantine  times ​ ?


Easter is the time where many celebrate the resurrection of Jesus after death while many welcome the arrival of spring. Around the globe, different festivities and celebrations are being held on Easter Sunday. Years after years, this traditional occasion of Easter is being celebrated with more and more enthusiasm and joy.

Meanwhile, beautiful lilies, daffodils, and daisies are blooming everywhere, adding to the beauty of Easter. Easter is the festival of flowers, colors and warmth.


Beautiful image of spring 2020.

Easter dinners provide the reunions to the distant ones.


Image of Easter dinner 2019

But due to COVID-19, the world has entered the dark ages again. Many counties have administered conditional lockdown in their states, and some have only quarantined the hotspots of the COVID-19 in different areas of the county. Practicing social distance Is the mandatory act that helps prevent from getting infected. In many countries, due to the shortage of space in hospitals, many public buildings and five-star hotels have been converted into quarantined wards for COVID-19 patients. New hospitals for COVID-19 have also being made or are under process.


The world has lost thousands of souls, leaving behind the mourners and grievers. As on Easter, all family members tend to gather for family dinner, but this Easter many families miss their lost ones due to COVID-19.

Thousands of people being quarantined under curfews and lockdowns can also rejoice this Easter with their families as they have plenty of time together.

The quarantine is an alarming reminder for those who have ignored their loved ones due to work and other engagements. Being trapped under one roof, family members instead of getting bored, can actually enjoy this period by doing mutual indoor activities. They can cook together appetizing recipes for the Easter dinner. Parents can spend more time with their children and can renew their bond with them.

But remember COVID-19 is also the warning of nature to us. As we humans have impacted our environment so adversely. Air pollution and environmental pollution, have been reportedly reduced due to the lockdown in Italy and China and other parts of the world.

Churches have canceled the Easter prayer gatherings on Easter 2020. .No one knows how long would it take to get the cure of COVID-19, or how much the quarantine would extend.


Empty Church depicting the desertification of religious places

But we all need to get the positive out of this hard time.We need to learn the importance of family time and also the need to learn the balance between work and family.We all should practice how to keep the environment clean and how to keep a harmony with nature.

Indeed this Easter would be one of the warmest and closest Easter for many people but on the same ground , it would be the most gloomiest of all for those who have lost their loved ones due to COVID-19.

In the end , I wish you all " Happy Easter".Stay safe and stay home .